Survival Swimming Lessons:

Basic 6 week program:

   * Approximately ages 10 - 14 months:

Infants are taught to roll over from a face down position in to a back float in order to achieve a stable position where they can breathe. They are also able to be passed back and forth helping to establish a head down swimming position.

    * Approximately ages 15 months and Up:

This age group will be taught a Swim-Float-Swim sequence. They will learn an efficient way to propel themselves from one place to another by being able to swim head down with their eyes open, roll to their backs and breathe, and depending on their confidence and skill level roll back over to continue swimming reaching a landmark, and if one can't be reached, they will be able to float on their back until help arrives.


*3 week session Monday through Friday

If you would like to shorten the length of time to 3 weeks we can still achieve the same results by having 2 classes per day with a minimum of 2 1/2 to 3 hours between classes.


*As part of the 6 week program:

1. On Fridays, parents are invited into the water to participate in the lesson: This allows us the opportunity to demonstrate how to properly handle your child in the water while reinforcing your child’s newly acquired skills and building upon their self esteem and confidence!

2. Both age groups will go through a graduation process, where they will be placed in the water fully clothed and perform a FINAL TEST using all the skills they have acquired over the 6 week program.

3. Each child will receive a T-shirt, certificate and a medal after graduating!

After the 6 week program:

Refresher classes:   


This class focuses on building back their confidence.

This class is for children who have completed our initial program and are coming back the following summer. Children don’t lose their swimming and floating skills, but sometimes lose the confidence to perform them.
 (Expect 1-2 weeks, depending on child's response)

Maintenance Lessons (3 and under)

Practice is the key to retaining skills.

I recommend ongoing classes at least 1 time per week. Classes are 1-2 days a week for children 3 years old and under who have completed our Initial Program. These classes reinforce the skills already taught.

~  Important:  No child should ever be considered drown-proof, regardless of skills attained.  ~

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