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What is Survival Swimming?
  For a baby, survival swimming is the ability to float and breathe, regardless of the water’s depth, for an indefinite period of time.
For a toddler or young child, survival swimming is the ability to kick and propel through the water – roll on to his/her back to breathe – turn and swim repeatedly to the wall, steps or edges and get out of the pool.
  Conventional swim programs are more concerned with your child being comfortable in the water thus taking years to produce a swimmer. At Water Guppies we empower your child with the skills needed to safely enjoy the water in a matter of weeks!
  I teach the most crucial component to swimming, the ability to independently obtain air while swimming.  When a person knows they can breath whenever necessary their confidence is priceless.
In a matter of weeks, my students master the skills that often take years to learn in a traditional swim program!
How would your child react alone in the water?
  The most essential survival swimming skill I will teach your child is to roll from a face-down position in the water to a face-up independent back float. It is difficult and ineffective for an infant or toddler to lift their head for a breath. If your child falls face down into the water, knowing how to roll onto a face-up back float can save their life! If your baby is walking, then he/she can also learn to swim to the pool edge or steps, rolling over to breathe whenever air is needed.
  Roll over breathing is a technique that many swimming lesson instructors don’t even attempt because it takes time, skill and patience. But once children learn to roll over to float, relax and breathe whenever air is needed, they can truly swim, stay afloat, conquer fear and experience the joy of swimming.

Take Control, Not Chances!

Teaching Swimming Lessons to Arizona residents of: San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Johnson Ranch, Gilbert, Higley, Chandler, Mesa, Apache Junction AZ .. and More!

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